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What our client offers...... 
  1. A competitive basic salary 

  2. Personal commission 

  3. Hiring budget for 2 people to join with you 

  4. Equity from day 1 

  5. Use of their City based offices 

  6. Strategic support 

Your company.....
Businessman Using Laptop
  1. Access to all of the groups operational facilities including: 

    • Payroll 

    • Marketing 

    • Tech Support 

    • Operational Support 

    • Data Base 

    • Relevant Subscriptions

    • Accounting  

  2. Website build paid for 

  3. Company registration paid for 

  4. Shareholder agreement paid for 

  5. Use of a research centre also owned by the group

  6. Use of the Groups business development team  

  7. Use of the groups talent team 

Arriving to Work

Want to talk to us about this opportunity ? 

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Rosie Maynard 
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