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Be Prepared.... 

Here are some things to consider when preparing for an interview. 
When checking out the company.... 

Make sure you take a look at their website, Linkedin Page and any other social media you can find - this will help you get a feel for them and how they position themselves. 

When doing this have a think about : 

  1. What you like about that company ?

  2. Is there any information that stands out to you ? 

  3. Can you see when they where established ?

  4. Is it clear what markets they cover ? 

A little bit about you....
  1. What are your motivations ? Short, medium and long term? 

  2. What do you want to achieve in your next role?

  3. Do you have personal or professional goals?

  4. Why do you work in recruitment?

  5. What can you bring to a company? (skillset, clients, knowledge etc) 

  6. What have you achieved in your career so far?

  7. What sets you apart from the competition? 

Your current role and company....
  1. Why would you consider a move? 

  2. What have you billed and earned ? 

  3. Why is now a good time for you? 

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